Desilting and sludge removal

Removal of silt and sludge to enhance water holding capacity and decontaminate water bodies

Desilting and Sludge Removal

Drains and Nallahs carry sewerage from all over the city and are the biggest health hazards for the local population. We are working with the cities of Mumbai and Delhi to desilt the drains and nallahs so that municipal solid waste is removed and water flow is improved and problems of smell and mosquito borne diseases from stagnant water are arrested adequately.

Desilting and Sludge Removal Features

  • Amphibious excavators are suitable for shallow water dredging in rivers, canals and in urban areas where there is a lot of city waste and no vacant land
  • Removes silt directly and not water which would need to be directed back to the water body
  • No requirement for vacant land to build de-watering lagoons

Desilting and Sludge Removal Features

  • Can be used in urban areas with built up city sewage where suction dredge pumps would get clogged
  • Environmentally friendly as water is not pumped out resulting in much less turbidity
  • No time lost in managing dredger pipeline - 100% operational time

Desilting and Sludge Removal Features

  • More cost effective due to lower capital cost of equipment and lower operation and maintenance costs
  • 50 feet reach with 360 degree rotation to discharge silt directly on shore
  • • Nearly 15 units sold to Govt clients across India